Craft Shop Dublin – Top Craft Supplies That You Will Need In Your DIY Projects

Ever had those lazy days, where all you want to do is stay in and do something fun and enjoyable. Sometimes you think of making something, a DIY craft project but quickly realise that you don’t have any of the materials or supplies to need – nightmare! Going to a craft shop in Dublin can be your next best choice. Before stepping foot outside, make sure you know exactly what you need and make a list so you don’t forget when you get there, or get distracted by other eye catching things. To give you some ideas, here are the top craft shop Dublin to consider.

  1. Markers

Markers are a nightmare if you have young kids in the house – you’ll end up with a design on your walls that you never even knew you needed! However, for older children and adults they are perfect for things like posters, writing quotes, and lettering.  Good quality markers these days can last for ages, and some can even blend in together like paint, giving a beautiful, artistic finish.

  1. Glue gun

A glue gun is a craft of the Gods. It can get very hot though, so keep it away from kids, and your hands. For some products Pritt Stick just won’t do! There are products that will need stickier and durable paste, so the glue gun is your perfect choice.

  1. Scissors

Ah, the trusty scissors! Scissors can some child friendly, which we advise if you have young children around. As well as that, there are a variety of scissors available depending on what you are cutting, from paper, fabric, wired ribbon or anything else, there is a scissors to suit your crafting needs!

  1. Tape runner

Don’t know how to get perfect amount and shape of glitter over a project? Or how to make a ribbon stay in place without a trace of glue? Tape runner is the answer! You can glue your project without creating any mess. This material can come with different styles and adhesive strengths from permanent to removal dot. You can use it for attaching ribbons, paper, glitter or to trim it to different kinds of surfaces.

  1. Paint

Paint is possibly one of the most funnest things to use. It’s great for large surfaces like A2, but it’s great for small surfaces too, just use a smaller paint brush. Knowing and understanding what type of paint to use is important and can save you time. Water-colours for example mix easily, dry quickly and are easy to paint over, great for simple paintings. Poster paint is thick and bright, perfect for posters. Oils however, are hard to mix, are thick, and can take weeks to dry!  Before buying a mountain of paint in all the colours of the rainbow, do some research first and figure out what would suit you best.

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