Slime: what is this craze all about?


With millions of Google queries, YouTube videos, Instagram posts related, slime parties, slime is the latest trend and it’s taking over every home in Ireland! Put your fidget spinners back in the cupboard and let’s take out your PVA glue out!

If you have kids, you must know what slime is. But for those who have escaped the madness of slime so far, Google defines it as “an unpleasantly thick and slippery liquid substance”. Unpleasantly, really? Our team has investigated!

It goes away and it comes back 

slime-mattel-1976Slime is not that new! In the 1970’s, Mattel released the first slime. You might remember the green plastic trash can, do you? In the same vein, you’ve probably played yourself with Play-Doh products or putties. What’s new is the fact that kids don’t want ready-made mixture anymore. They actually want to make it by themselves, preparing their own little potion.

Shane, 8 years old explained to us: “I love the texture, it looks really smooth and fluffy, it’s like touching a big chewing-gum. I love the fact you make it, it’s really really fun”.

Possibilities are endless

And this is what Emily, who’s 10 years loves about it “you can make coloured, glittered, foam, and even sequin slime. My favourite is the cloud-like texture. I also made a rainbow-coloured one last week, so beautiful”.

We observed amusing shopper behavior in our craft store in Dublin. While parents are browsing, the kids are around hunting for different craft materials they could add into their next slime recipe.

Away from screens

Roisin, Emily’s mum was delighted to observe her daughter starting this new craft activity “I think it’s brilliant to push kids to that direction. I so much more prefer seeing her working with her hands, creating, stimulating her creativity rather than seeing her passively watching movies or playing games on the tablet. I really do appreciate this back-to-basics arts and crafts”.

It’s not only for kids!

This was probably the most surprising thing that we’ve learnt from our investigation! After doing our own tests of craft materials, techniques and ingredients (you can find the slime recipe tested and approved by the team in our DIY Corner), we must confess: it’s so addictive!

As kids, we love touching and playing with the texture: it’s so relaxing and a real stress relief. If you don’t believe it, just go and watch some slime making videos. You’ll see that it can become quite obsessive. We recommend looking at the fruityslimefactory Instagram account. Colourful, fascinating and capturing!

Nelly Curtis, art therapist in London uses slime with her patients. In an article from the Irish Times from last April, she said that “slime has very sensory, stimulating qualities, which can help regulate emotions”. She adds that” dealing with mess is often the aim of therapy, so feelings can be evoked through the making and playing with the mess.”

Want to give it a go? 

That’s really easy and you need very few materials (you might have already everything at home): PVA glue, water and washing detergent or contact lens liquid are your must-haves. Then feel free to add extra: food colouring, glitter, foam beads, sequins, etc. Read our step-by-step instructions just here. And don’t miss our offer of the week (online only): 3 liters of PVA glue for €10 only! It ends this Sunday night!


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