Mandala Stone Painting – To A Calmer Self.

Mandala Stone Paint

Most of us are living a whirlwind life – we should be focussing more on our mental health and well-being rather than trying to beat the traffic or fit extra tasks into an already busy day. Our fast-paced days rarely have quiet time; the phone is always on and emails ping at all hours. Add in work, shopping, children, homework, studying etc and you can understand why it is now so important to take time out for yourself and do something that is relaxing and calming.

Recent years saw the rise of adult colouring books, designed to help you focus on a single task and relax but that has moved on and now it’s all about repeating patterns rather than colouring in pictures. This new practice is Manda Stone Painting and is so simple to do. You need very few materials, and anyone can take it up to produce beautiful art.


Traditionally mandalas were ritual symbols in Buddhism but in more recent times it has become a term for any geometric pattern. They generally consist of a central point with other symbols radiating outwards. Mandalas can be painted, carved or crocheted and can help centre the mind and relax the body as you repeat the pattern with assorted colours and shapes


Painting mandalas on stones is a creative and relaxing hobby enabling us to free our mind and diminish problems as we focus our attention on the singular activity of drawing little, coloured dots in an array of colours. Create whatever your imagination draws you to!

To create a mandala stone, you will need a large, smooth stone. River stones are most suitable as they tend to be smooth and rounded after years of water rushing over them. You can use craft acrylic paint such as Artiste Craft Acrylic and a small round soft haired brush to create the dots. Artiste Craft Acrylic comes is a vast array of very popular colours and is slightly runnier than traditional acrylic for painting. Start by painting a circle in the centre of the stone. You can paint dots radiating out from the centre point in straight lines, swirls, spirals – whatever your mind and hand leads you to do.

Mandala Stone

However, if you are not too confident about drawing smooth edges you can use Edding Paint Markers instead. These paint markers are smooth flowing and come in 15 beautiful colours including gold, silver, white, pink and blue. An Edding Paint Marker means you can easily create neat edges and solid colour – their fine nib means you can quickly add highlights and outlines without any smudging or bleeding


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