Eimear Wright, the latest name in the candle market!


Earlier this year, we discovered a new range of candles/reed diffusers and we couldn’t resist the temptation of distributing them in our gift and craft store in Dublin. From the packaging to the enticing mix of scents and cutting-edge design, we loved absolutely everything. Elegant, classy and upmarket are the words we would use to describe this new range. Behind this beautiful new range, there is one woman: Eimear Wright. Although she is a really busy woman, we had the chance to meet her in person and were delighted and intrigued by her story.


Tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey. What enticed you into the candle/diffuser sector?

Well, my entrepreneurial journey didn’t start in this sector. It all began in 2013 when after 20 years as an employee with the same company, I decided to set up my own business, Cherished Moments. The focus of my new venture was about picking and designing items for Christmas. This is my favourite time of the year. I have a large family, so it reminded me of the happy and magical moments I had with them. I have noticed over the years that when growing up, people tend to lose this magical Christmas spirit, so it was my attempt at recreating this atmosphere, the feeling I had as a child. One day, one of my customers suggested the idea of using my own name. My initial reaction was “oh no, no, no” but then, the idea began to grow on me and in 2016 I started my research. Why the candle sector? It gave me not just a complimentary addition to my Christmas range but a range that gave me an all year presence. It was also very important to me to keep this link with the past, memories, happy time and the sense of smell is the strongest memory we have as humans. What I observed during my research was amazing: when people loved a scent, it was ALWAYS because it was familiar to them.


The candle market is quite saturated. What makes your range different?

I am a candle lover myself and I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted on the market. That’s the reason I wanted to create something different. From the fragrances, the materials, to the design, we’ve done a huge amount of research and we left nothing to chance! Our candles are made from a soy wax blend. As a result, they burn cleaner, produce much less smoke and they last longer. We use a pine wick rather than a cotton wick. It produces a little cracking noise, as a fire does enhancing a warm and cosy atmosphere a candle produces. We are the only Irish company to do that  . The design has also been important to us. Our candles are bigger than what is currently found in the market with a nice round shape with rich heritage colours. Our diffusers have a beautiful gold finish. For the first collection, we have worked with 4 mixes of scents: Gardenia Patchouli, Sandalwood Rose, Amber Balsam and Jasmine Neroli. We use 15% French fragrance and essential oils in our diffusers.


You might have a favourite… Which one is it?

The Sandalwood Rose is definitely my favourite! As a child I remember crushing rose petals in my back garden to create a rose perfume. I can’t say it really worked then. Now looking back on the simplicity of youth I’m glad I persevered and take pride in my success now – even if it’s taken me a few more years to succeed! [laughs]


Starting an entrepreneurial adventure after 20 years working in a company, it’s a bit unusual – even risky some might think

I think it has always been in my head. I always had a desire to do something. Indeed, I come from a family of entrepreneurs – my father and my sister. It’s in the blood! So, in a way I felt confident enough. My dad passed away few years ago and I always remembered him saying “Great oaks from little acorns grow”.


It’s kind of a family story…

Totally! Everybody is involved. My husband started working a few hours for the company when  I needed help and he is now full time. Even my nieces and nephews are involved. They love to  give their ideas and suggestions. What is fantastic with kids is that they give you a window into their little world. It’s just amazing because they have no barriers, everything is possible in their heads, it’s all innocence. Family and friends  also give their opinion on new products and ideas.   I very much value all  their input.


Some of our readers think they are not “creative” people. Where do you find your inspiration and what would you recommend to these people?

My inspiration comes from really everything: nature,  reading a book, visiting a place, seeing something in the street, etc. My best advice would be “just let it happen”. It’s a mindset, being open, putting yourself in a position where things come to you. I firmly believe that we all have a creative side somewhere in us. Take my husband for example: he has an IT background so he’s not really the type of person you might associate with creativity. Yet, he is now designing for the company and has put forward design ideas that have gone into production. It’s all about the environment you put yourself in.


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