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Dump Truck Latch HoAok Kit

DIY Latch Hook.

Duration:  Depends Approx 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Latch Hook Latch Hook
Latch Hook Kit - Dump Truck Latch Hook Kit - Dump Truck
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Latch Hook Kit

This DIY Latch Hook Tutorial will cover everything from setup to latching to some tips and tricks about finishing up and everything you need to know to start your own DIY Latch Hook Project.

What’s in the box?

Every Wonderart Latch hook kit includes a gridded piece of canvas and several little yarn bundles of different colours. Also, what is included in the box is your instruction manual, which will come particularly useful to keep a track on where you left, which we will discuss later.

PS: The manual is fully coloured line by line chart.

A latch hook kit, we store it our website and instore. That is everything you need to get started


Every kit comes with a grid canvas and you will see blue lines. Each square that you will see has ten mini square across and down, to give you a general guideline.


Its ideal that you prepare your yarn in advance before starting. So, you want to separate them from the packages of yarn. This is the most important step of the preparation because there is almost exactly the amount that you will need. Maybe a strand or two extra. Some colours can be really similar. So you want to make sure that you match it up so you don’t run out. No Rush! Right? What we suggest is to use a muffin tin to separate it out. Also, an important thing to note is each yarn has a different symbol in the instruction manual, in case the colours of the yarn are closely related to each other. This symbol can also be seen in the drawing of the instruction manual for your convenience.


So we have done all the preparation and now we are ready to dive in. Look at the instruction manual and see map it all out! So we are gonna start with lower left-hand signs. The instruction manual has ten gridded square giving you a clear picture. What we recommend is mark the lines so its easier for you to pick up where you left


Check the yarn you need that corresponds with the colour in the manual. Take your latch hook kit to wrap it around the latch hook tool and insert it underneath the gridline pieces and then you want to lay the yarn over the canvas and pull. You will notice that the latch closes and pull through.

That’s it, you gonna continue until the entire project s done.

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