De-stressing with Soap Making


I have found that most kitchen-based crafts are some of the most soothing. Baking is a step by step science that results in cake and candle making fills your kitchen with beautiful scents. But I may have a new favourite kitchen craft in soap making. Making your own soap is so rewarding. Not only can you can tailor the soaps to your exact tastes but it’s such a lovely way to unwind. 

Making soap seems like it will be complicated and stressful but you only really need three or four things and you’re set to start; glycerine soap, a mould, fragrance and everything else is extra. It only takes an hour of your evening to whip up a batch of perfectly crafted soaps for yourself or to give to your loved ones. Lay out all your ingredients, pop on your favourite podcast or playlist and turn on the hob – you can use the microwave but I personally prefer the double boiler method.

The scent of the vegan glycerine soap is quite nice on its own, so the kitchen will fill with a subtle, clean aroma from the beginning. The diced soap slowly melts as you continue to stir as the steam rises from the pot.

While you wait for the soap to totally liquify you can think about what you will add to your creation, or just see what takes your fancy when the time comes! As I said, the pure soap smell is lovely on its own but you can always add to it with lavender, rose or other gentle fragrances. Lavender oil added to warm, soft soap is beautiful. It’s an instant relaxant – and a mini-facial if you work over the hob.

You can buy dried flowers to add to the mixture or add to the finished soap while it’s still a little soft. A sprinkle of rose petals adds a wonderful colour pop, especially if using a clear or white soap base. You can even add things you already have at home, like glitters or a scatter of oats to create a gentle scrub. If you’re good with your hands, you could try out mouldable soap mixtures so you can create any shape you want.

If you are one that subscribes to colour therapy or the beneficial properties of nature, soap making is a wonderful way to recharge, refocus and inject some positivity into your day. Some fragrance oils may react with skin so you should always test that for yourself first, but you could experiment with oils to find what scents add the most smiles to your day! If your favourite colour is yellow and a splash of that brightens up your way, why not make a batch of lemon soap for yourself to spruce up as mundane a thing as washing your hands everyday!

Whether you create soap to give as heartfelt gifts, to sell at markets or just as a little act of self love, enjoy the process and keep experimenting. There is always something new to learn or a new idea to try. Follow our step by step handmade soap in our DIY Corner and don’t forget to share your photo with us with the hashtag #inspiringideascraftstore!