Tipperary Crystal

Tipperary Crystal

Tipperary Crystal   Tipperary Crystal, the brand that is associated with the high-end design and exceptional quality is mainly known for its contemporary and classic collections in Irish Culture. The company was founded Twenty-Eight Years ago by Joe Foley and John Meagher. Their mastery in craftsmanship showcased their desire and commitment to producing world-class design […]

Wild Goose: “The Ancient Representation of the Irish Culture in Modern Times.”

The Inside Story: “Wild Geese” was a term given to the Irish soldiers and their family who went to France, in the wake of the defeat of the Jacobite Army. Hence the name Wild Goose, which has a resonance deeply rooted in the Irish Culture. The company is founded by Brain Scott-McCarthy And Kathrine Smyth […]

“Meet the Makers”

Ruth Hamilton

Interview with Ruth Hamilton   Tell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey. I’ve been creating in some form or other since childhood. I have always loved anything “hands on” eg knitting, drawing, painting, gardening etc. I think I made my first cards when I was about 9 years old and always personalized […]

5 amazing home decor tips to bring freshness to your home this spring


Spring is definitely here and it’s synonym to new beginnings. Let’s bring a burst of bright colours, floral accents, and energetic patterns in your home. At Inspiring Ideas, we always find ways to encourage and create new things. So here are a few tips for you to JAZZ things up!! Upcycle your old furniture with Decopatch […]

Eimear Wright, the latest name in the candle market!


Earlier this year, we discovered a new range of candles/reed diffusers and we couldn’t resist the temptation of distributing them in our gift and craft store in Dublin. From the packaging to the enticing mix of scents and cutting-edge design, we loved absolutely everything. Elegant, classy and upmarket are the words we would use to […]

We are launching our Sweet Tree workshops !


Sweet trees are so versatile that they can be used for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, communions, weddings, baby showers or any party. The list is endless. Create to impress! The Sweet Tree trend never ceases to tire, it is constantly evolving – new looks & new occasions! There is not one single day where we […]