5 Fantastic Gifts any maker would love to receive


If you’re not a crafter or maker it can be difficult to know what to buy one as a surprise gift. You’ve probably already checked their craft room and its overflowing with tapes, brushes and glitter… there’s boxes of paper and fabric everywhere so what else could they need or want? Check out our awesome gift guide for great crafty gift ideas.


  1. A Glue Gun


EVERY creative type – yes those CAPS are on purpose – needs one of these. Available in hot melt or cool melt you can stick practically everything from buttons to candy for Sweet Trees. They’re so handy to have around the house that while you’re in your local craft store buying one you might as well pick one up for yourself!



2. Needle Felting Set


Needle felting has been one of the biggest crafting trends of the year so if they haven’t tried it already they’re sure to want to. It makes decorating polystyrene balls so simple and you can create 3D pieces and images with just a little instruction and some practice.



3. Purelite “Daylight” Lamps

purelite-daylight-lampCreative types are renowned for creating at any hour. Artists, stitchers and makers don’t just stop working because the sun has gone down. Investing in a Purelite lamp and magnifier means eyes aren’t strained, colours are more identifiable and using tiny components like seed beads becomes less of a chore.



4. Gemini Machine

gemini-junior-machineIf they don’t already have one we bet they’ll want one ! An electronic machine that cuts and embosses is time saving as well as fun to use. Use metal dies to cut all sorts of materials and plastic folders to emboss card or paper. New for Christmas The Gemini Junior will be loved by everyone and for the person who dabbles in everything…




5. The Gift of Anything: Gift Voucher

gift-voucherOur gift vouchers are available for any amount and have no expiry date and are available to buy instore or online.