5 amazing home decor tips to bring freshness to your home this spring


Spring is definitely here and it’s synonym to new beginnings. Let’s bring a burst of bright colours, floral accents, and energetic patterns in your home. At Inspiring Ideas, we always find ways to encourage and create new things. So here are a few tips for you to JAZZ things up!!

  1. Upcycle your old furniture with Decopatch

Instead of buying new furniture, just upcycle your ones, sometimes that’s all it takes. You can get a fresh new look straightaway without spending a fortune. It’s the best way to bring some old objects back to life. All you need to use is a brush, a glue varnish, some Decopatch papers and you’re good to go. You can literally decopatch everything: glass, metal, aluminum, plastic, wood, cardboard, terracotta and wicker. Read our instructions, just here >>


  1. Add a little touch of freshness with candles

Scents, shapes, colours, you name it and you can make it. You have endless possibilities when it comes to making candles and they are ideal for home décor. Season scents like lavender or lemon is great way to balance out the brightness in your home.



  1. Create your indoor mini garden – zen feeling

Bring out the inner zen feeling at home by creating your indoor mini garden. Not only the process can be rewarding in itself but a touch of greenery is found to have a lot of positive effect in your wellbeing making you less anxious or worried, stimulating your creativity and calmness (also read 7 reasons why ou should start a mini garden)


  1. Perfect touch of high-end design with stencils

Stencil is another way to upcycle a furniture without costing a fortune. Stencil is another way to upcycle a furniture. You can stencil a lot of different surfaces: walls, fabrics, doors, furniture and the possibilities are just never-ending. Whether you go for different patterns or a simple quote, it surely brings a fresh look to personalise your own space. An another advantage of it, is that they can be used endlessly. Using it on the wall doesn’t stop you from using it on a fabric bag or a wood photo frame.


  1. Match your curtains and lampshades

You need a fresh and new atmosphere but you don’t want to repaint everything in your home? Good news, you don’t have to! Instead, you can just work on your soft furnishing. Change your curtains, and match your lampshades with them. This is one of the technics used over the years by professional in the soft furnishing industry matching lighting and interiors. lampshade-blog